Using Patio Heaters to Heat Gazebos

When you picture an outdoor area, you may imagine an open space. However, a lot of outdoor spaces are partially covered. One popular way to partially cover an outdoor space is by installing a gazebo. These structures provide extra shade and in some cases extra protection against the wind. But how do you use a patio heater as gazebo heater?

Types of Patio Heaters Suitable for Gazebos

There are several factors you need to consider when determining which type of patio heater is suitable for your gazebo. Mainly, where and how the gazebo is built. Many gazebos are freestanding structures covering a section of a garden or terrace but it’s also possible to build them against a wall. It is also important to consider the facilities that are available. Is it possible to connect a heater to a power supply?

When keeping building specifications in mind, many types of patio heater could be suitable for your gazebo. A portable heater can provide targeted heat to a gazebo with limited facilities, while wall mounted heaters evenly distribute heat under gazebos that are built against a supporting wall.

Electric vs. Gas Patio Heaters: Which is Best for Gazebos?

Another important consideration for heating your gazebo is whether electric or gas options are better suited. In general, gas powered heaters are more effective in larger, open areas. They require more clearance and proper ventilation to ensure they work safely and effectively. Electric heaters on the other hand, are ideal for smaller, (partially) covered outdoor areas.

As gazebos are considered covered outdoor areas, electric patio heaters are generally the most effective option for this type of space. The mounting options are more flexible and they can provide comfortable heat in a small space.

How to Select the Right Patio Heater for Your Gazebo

Recessed Electric Heater Pool Patio

While most types of electric patio heater can be suitable for heating a gazebo, how do you select the right one for you? There are two main considerations: the gazebo itself and your design aesthetic.

Type of Gazebo:

  • Freestanding gazebos with no facilities: both electric and gas portable heaters are a good solution.
  • Freestanding gazebos with access to power: ceiling mounted heaters can provide even heat distribution and save valuable floor space. Depending on how the gazebo is built, flush mounting could also be possible.
  • gazebos built against another structure with power: anything is possible. From wall to flush mounted and portable heaters, it all depends on your preferences.

Aesthetic Considerations:

  • Industrial design: the Tungsten collection has a bold design that fits perfectly into industrial spaces.
  • Modern design: for a sleek look, the Platinum collection is the embodiment of modern simplicity.
  • Contemporary design: choose ultimate form and function with the Eclipse collection that has integrated LED lighting.

Which Safety Features Are Included in Our Patio Heaters?

Safety is a priority when it comes to heating covered areas. That is why Bromic’s patio heaters are designed to meet international safety regulations and they include certain safety features. Our gas heaters for instance do not work with a pilot flame, but with an electric spark to turn them on. This makes them less of a fire hazard. Additionally, all of our heaters are weather-resistant and have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IPX5. Even thought out heaters are designed for safety, proper use and care go a long way. Make sure to keep your heaters clean, protect them with waterproof coverings, give your heaters extra protection with a patio umbrella or awning, and carefully read the technical resources.