Flush-Mounted Ceiling Heaters

In the quest for warmth and comfort, Bromic offers flush mounted ceiling heaters that effortlessly blend into the architectural design of any space. With our blend of stylish design and performance, our heaters create comfortable outdoor spaces in any weather.


Our Collection of Flush Mounted Heaters

Whether you prefer a strong, industrial aesthetic or a sleek, modern style, Bromic offers flush mounted heaters that will elevate your outdoor areas.

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric

Designed to marry elegance and functionality, the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric slim-line heaters integrate seamlessly into modern architectural spaces.

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric

Industrial strength and design define the Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric. Their high-performance heating and bold design are ideal for a myriad of outdoor spaces, from cosy patios to trendy terraces.

Two black Platinum Electric Marine heaters recessed into the ceiling.

Platinum Smart-Heat Marine

The Platinum Smart-Heat Marine heaters are built to withstand corrosive marine and coastal environments. These heaters are ideal to have in harsh coastal environments without having to compromise on design.

The Power of Flush Mounted Heaters

Flush mounted heaters provide comfort and warmth powered by electricity. Their energy efficient design allows these heaters to provide maximum warmth while reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bill. Our flush mounted heaters provide year-round comfort and save you the inconvenience refuelling. Ideal for creating inviting back garden settings or stylish commercial terraces.

Tungsten Electric Black Heater Flush Mounted

Benefits of Flush Mounting

Choosing a flush mounted heater ensures that you will not have to compromise aesthetics for function. One benefit of flush mounted heaters is that their integration in the ceiling preserves valuable floor space while also distributing warmth evenly and streamlining the overall design of your space. This makes these heaters the ideal solution for spaces that need a consistent temperature. Additionally, flush mounted heaters ensure that there are no unnecessary obstructions in high-traffic areas, allowing for an optimal use of space.

Whether it’s maintaining a meticulously designed interior, ensuring a natural flow in high-traffic areas, or sustaining a consistent temperature in unpredictable weather, flush mounted heaters provide a solution that is as practical as it is elegant.

Key Features of Our Heaters

All of Bromic’s heaters are crafted with innovation and quality. Our heaters have individual heat settings, letting you create a personalised heating experience that aligns with your needs. Built to withstand the elements, our heaters are made from durable materials to make sure that they can provide you with a long term heating solution. Bromic heaters offer more than just function. These heaters contribute to the overall comfort and aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Looking for the Right Flush Mounted Heater for Your Situation?

Unsure which flush mounted heater is right for your outdoor area? Consult our free planning guide or our experts who can help you with tailored advice so that you can find the ideal solution for your heating needs. Contact us today to discover our range and increase the quality of your outdoor area.