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Portable Heaters

Warmth is a luxury everyone should be able to enjoy, no matter where they are. Bromic’s portable heaters offer this luxury, with style combined with function. Our heaters are designed to subtly blend into any setting, yet striking enough to stand out, Bromic’s portable heaters bring the best of both worlds: portability and power. Picture this: a heater that offers not just the warmth but also the flexibility to move wherever you fancy.


The Perfect Portable Heater for Your Outdoor Space

Find outdoor warmth and style with our award-winning Portable Heaters, perfect for taking your space from cool to cosy with ease and with style.

Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable

Featuring a sleek silhouette, this robust heater combines minimalism with impactful design elements. Its versatile freestanding form and stable base open up endless placement possibilities, while the integrated dimming control offers mastery over heat and ambiance settings.

Tungsten Portable at Private Residence

Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable

This agile and adaptable heater sports a sleek, contemporary design with a matte finish. It is the perfect choice for open, unenclosed spaces and surpasses conventional heaters in efficiency. Its focused heat ensures that you and your guests enjoy warmth to your liking.

Easy to Move Outdoor Heating

When the seasons shift and the outdoor setting changes, Bromic’s portable heaters combine functionality with flexibility. The blend of high-end technology and intuitive ergonomics help you move warmth to any corner of your outdoor space. You have the freedom to relocate warmth as easily as the gentle push or pull, ensuring your favourite spot is always comfortable.

Benefits of Portable Heaters

One thing remains constant: the human desire for warmth. Portable heaters from Bromic tick this box, and then some. Firstly, there’s the obvious advantage: portability. No longer are you tethered to a fixed point. Whether you like a change of scenery or have a spontaneous outdoor gathering, we ensure you’re not left in the cold.

Additionally, our portable heaters save you the hassle of complex installations. Simply choose your preferred spot, and the warmth follows. 

Finally, with a portable Bromic heater the environment undergoes a transformation. It creates a perfect ambience for relaxed evenings or vibrant parties.

Commercial and Private Applications

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial entity aiming to offer guests the best in outdoor comfort, Bromic offers portable heating solutions. For homeowners, the vision of cosying up under the stars with loved ones becomes a reality. Gardens, terraces, or patios—every space gets imbued with warmth.

On the commercial front, restaurants, pubs, and other hospitality venues ensure guests stay longer and happier. Think of diners on a rooftop restaurant, free by the evening chill, or pub-goers in an open courtyard, warmed by radiant heat. By enhancing guest comfort, our heaters help to indirectly boost business revenues, making them an investment worth every penny.

Tungsten Portable

Features of Our Portable Heaters

Our heaters help overcome the challenges of open spaces and breezy conditions. Bromic’s portable heaters radiate warmth, ensuring you feel the comforting embrace just like the sun’s natural rays. What is a radiant heater? Radiant heat, unlike traditional heating, warms objects and people directly. This makes sure that the heat is felt more immediately and is retained for longer.

  • The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable has the groundbreaking heat transfer technology to ensure optimal warmth, while the dimmable LED lights let you set the perfect mood. With the Eclipse Dimmer Controller and wireless remote, adjusting to the right level of comfort is just a button away.
  • The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable is all about performance wrapped in a smart design. Apart from its award winning matte black design, it boasts a high-performance radiant heater mechanism.

Experience the freedom of portable warmth. With Bromic’s portable heaters, every outdoor setting becomes an inviting haven, no matter where you choose to be.


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