The Luxury Comfort Solution

An innovative heat and light solution that strikes the perfect balance between ambience and functionality. The Eclipse Collection’s contemporary design delivers a strikingly practical showpiece within luxurious outdoor spaces.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Distinguished by its contemporary circular surface and manufactured with premium double-coated steel, the Eclipse Collection effortlessly complements the design aesthetic of any outdoor environment.

Superior Technology

Heat & Light Technology

Built with a dimmable LED light and a fully sealed ceramic-glass surface that spreads heat evenly up to 11 m2., the Eclipse Collection’s light and heat features can be customized for complete control of your comfort.

Complete Versatility

Mounting Versatility

Available in seven unique mounting options including wall, ceiling, and free standing, the possibilities for the Eclipse Collection are endless.

Electric Outdoor Heater above Table

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric Series

Available in six versatile wall and ceiling mounting options, the unique pendant body of the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric series radiates custom heat and light, elevating the design of outdoor spaces from traditional to exceptional.

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable Series

Featuring a striking, elegant design, this powerful portable heater is the freestanding solution to bringing both warmth and light to design-focused outdoor spaces. With the built-in Eclipse Dimmer Controller and wireless remote, effortlessly adjust heat output and gradually dim the lights for ideal comfort.

Wrigleys Mansion Eclipse Portable Heater
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  • Controls

Eclipse Controls

The Wireless Eclipse Dimmer Controller, Wireless Master Remote, and Smart-Heat Link are compatible with the Eclipse Collection.

Add Eclipse Smart-Heat™ to Your Project

Leverage Bromic’s design team to accelerate your project plans and provide technical specification support at no extra expense.

Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, Arizona

Everybody that comes here, they comment about these heaters. They’ve never seen a heater that is this elegant and also incorporates a light fixture.

WB Wendell Burnette Architects Phoenix, AZ