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When the sun goes down and the chill sets in, there’s no need for the conversation to move indoors. Bromic’s range of outdoor heaters ensures that the atmosphere remains vibrant and warm, offering both style and exceptional functionality for those looking to enhance their outdoor experience.

Explore Our Range of Outdoor Heaters

Bromic offers a broad selection of outdoor heaters, each designed to your needs. Each heater combines style and warmth into any setting. Whether your space is coastal or urban, expansive or cosy, Bromic has a heating solution tailor-made for you.

Bromic’s Eclipse Electric Outdoor Heaters Ceiling Mounted with the Included  24” Twin Pole


The Eclipse Collection merges sophisticated design with practicality, delivering customizable heating and lighting for an elevated outdoor experience. Available in various mounting options, including portable, tailored for comfort and aesthetic integration.


Discover the Platinum Collection’s unmatched elegance, where high-quality ceramic-glass meets sleek stainless steel for a refined heating experience. Choose from sophisticated gas and electric models to elevate your space with streamlined warmth.

White outdoor heater on green wall in courtyard setting


The Tungsten Collection offers versatile stainless-steel heaters available in gas, electric, and portable models, all designed to deliver powerful, directional warmth with a stylish industrial edge.

Superyacht Deck Mountain Background

Platinum Marine

Embrace the coastal elegance of the Platinum Electric Marine heater, crafted from Marine-Grade stainless steel, offering versatility with wall, ceiling, and recessed mounting options for residential and marine environments.

Tungsten Electric and Tungsten Portable at Private Residence

Why Choose a Bromic Outdoor Heater

There’s an art to creating the perfect outdoor ambiance, and we have mastered it. Our heaters are infused with cutting-edge technology and quality design. They’re engineered to provide efficient, directional heat. This ensures that you and your guests remain comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions. Designed with attention to detail and built with premium materials, each Bromic heater ensures that the elements won’t dampen your evening plans.

Heaters by Fuel Type

Every space has its unique charm, and Bromic caters to them all. That’s why we provide a diverse selection of fuel choices to guarantee optimal efficiency and superior comfort in every setting.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our Electric Heaters, featuring energy-efficient technology and designs that deliver up to 6000W of radiant warmth.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

Our Natural Gas Heaters and Propane Heaters merge robust heating capabilities with sleek aesthetics, offering expansive warmth over areas as large as 20 square metres. These products range from mobile units for targeted warmth to permanent fixtures, ensuring optimal heat wherever you desire.

Heaters by Installation Type

Bromic offers a diverse range of heaters, tailored to fit any installation type for seamless integration and optimal warmth for outdoor spaces.

Ceiling Mounted Heaters

Maximise your comfort with our Ceiling Mounted Heaters, engineered for seamless integration, delivering warmth from above to complement your outdoor space.

Wall mounted electric heaters cafe

Wall Mounted Heaters

Our Wall Mounted Heaters offer efficient heat distribution, designed for easy installation on any wall, enhancing your outdoor experience without intruding on your space.

Flush Mounted Heaters

Discover the sleek elegance of our Flush Mounted Heaters, providing a subtle yet powerful heat source, perfectly blending with your outdoor area’s design.

Tungsten Portable

Portable Heaters

Embrace mobility and style with our Portable Heaters, offering a movable heat solution that enhances the comfort of your outdoor gatherings with ease.

Key Features

It’s not just about the heat; it’s about how you deliver it. Bromic heaters are equipped with:

  • Dimmable LED lighting: Available in select models, this feature allows you to adjust ambiance and warmth, setting the perfect mood for any occasion.
  • Wind resistance: Several Bromic heaters can withstand winds up to 20km/h, ensuring uninterrupted warmth.
  • Versatile mounting options: From wall mounts to ceiling suspensions, our heaters offer a variety of installation solutions to fit your space perfectly.
  • Radiant heat technology: This ensures a direct, targeted warmth, mimicking the sun’s natural embrace. It’s warming you and your guests, not the surrounding air.
  • High-efficiency design: Bromic heaters are designed to provide maximum warmth using minimal energy, ensuring both comfort and sustainability.

Design of Our Heaters

The aesthetics of Bromic heaters draw inspiration from contemporary design principles. Each heater has a modern finish and complements its surroundings. This makes our heaters an addition to your décor, reflecting a lifestyle choice that values both form and function.

Applications of Our Outdoor Heaters

Beyond residential patios and gardens, Bromic heaters serve as the heart of many commercial settings. Whether it’s a bustling restaurant terrace or a serene coastal café, our heaters extend their embrace, ensuring guests are wrapped in warmth and comfort. For unique scenarios, like a yacht sailing off the coast, we offer solutions that stand up to the challenge.


A heater for every situation

A seaside retreat, an urban rooftop bar, or a quaint garden patio – every setting has its demands. Unsure about the best fit for you? Reach out for our experts for a personalised technical design service. Our dedicated team will recommend the ideal heater and tailor a design plan, making your space a cosy, bespoke retreat.

Tungsten Portable

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