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Hotel Patio Heaters for Unwavering Comfort

Bromic hotel patio heaters can be found world-wide in some of the most premium hotels and resorts. Our customers trust us with the comfort of their guests because our patio heaters deliver on performance, design, and reliability. We will not settle for less.

We always combine superior design with superior function. It’s not enough to create a product that either has the best aesthetic or the best performance. We believe you deserve more than that. Instead, we strive toward excellence in both design and performance, a feat that we have achieved.

Bromic’s hotel patio heaters are crafted to fit seamlessly into the luxurious ambiance of high-end hotels and resorts while also enhancing customer experience. Our commitment to comfort extends beyond heating. It’s not enough that guests can spend a little more time outside, it’s about creating an environment where guests feel valued and pampered. Through personalised temperature control and impeccable design, we make sure that guests can enjoy the outdoor spaces of your hotel in unwavering comfort, making their stay unforgettable.

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The Benefits of Patio Heaters for Hotels

Being able to offer a unique and memorable experience for your guests is key when designing outdoor spaces as a hotel. This is where Bromic’s patio heaters come into play. Our heaters provide a number of benefits that enhance customer satisfaction without compromising on functionality. These heaters allow outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens, and pool areas to be used all-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Enhancing Guest Experiences

Bromic’s patio heaters are designed and crafted with quality and durability in mind. Each hotel heater has adjustable heating settings, allowing for a tailor made heating experience. Moreover, integrated LED lights contribute to a relaxing atmosphere, even when the night grows cold. The built in wind defence technology combined with infrared heating, ensure your outdoor spaces will be unaffected by weather conditions.

Our heaters improve guest experience by creating comfortable outdoor havens away from the bustle of indoor areas.

Aesthetic Appeal and Efficiency

Aesthetic appeal also plays a part in customer experience. Bromic’s hotel patio heaters are designed to blend in seamlessly with the sophisticated decor of luxury hotels. No matter the architectural style, our patio heaters can be made to fit beautifully in a myriad of places.

Creating aesthetically pleasing hotel patio heaters that work well is an art that we at Bromic have mastered. All of our heaters are energy efficient as they use infrared radiant technology to heat people and objects rather than the air around them. Maximum heat and maximum aesthetics with minimal energy expenditure.

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Create the Perfect Outdoor Space with Outdoor Heating

A well-designed patio heater will extend the outdoor experience year-round by providing warmth and comfort. Our hotel patio heaters are designed not just to bring warmth, but to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in any outdoor environment. On chilly mornings and during brisk evenings, our heaters create an ideal ambiance in which guests can unwind. By choosing the right Bromic patio heater it is possible to transform your outdoor spaces into year-round attractions.

Download our handy guide to discover which heating options are available, the difference between gas and electric patio heaters, which costs are involved, and if there are any building regulations which need to be considered.

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They’re pretty compact, but they’re pretty, and setting the heat to a modest medium setting will heat up one of those cabins pretty easily.

Jeremy Nordkamp General Manager, Calile Hotel

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