More Sustainable Outdoor Heating

In today’s climate, more sustainable outdoor heating is a good step towards creating more comfortable and more liveable outdoor areas. This is not only true in the short-run, being able to extend the use of your outdoor spaces, but this is also important in the long-run. By choosing durable and sustainable outdoor heating, you can make a lasting impact.

The Importance of Eco-friendly Practices in Outdoor Heating

Making outdoor areas more accessible year-round is an important practice in outdoor design. But functionality doesn’t have to come at the expense of sustainability. By adopting eco-friendly practices, our heaters can enhance an outdoor area without extra strain on the environment.

How can you be sure a heater is made using eco-friendly practices? One way you can tell an outdoor heater has been made using eco-friendly practices is by looking at the heat output compared to the energy input. The more energy-efficient the heater, the more output it generates without needing as much energy. Moreover, the more effectively it provides heat, the fewer heaters are needed.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Heating Options

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At first you may ask yourself why you should spend more on sustainable heating options when there are cheaper alternatives, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Besides being better for the environment, sustainable heating options are more energy efficient, lowering their operating costs and providing maximum heat with minimal emissions.

Another benefit can be found in public support. Businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices can enhance their reputation and appeal to the younger generations that value environmental responsibility.

Designing With Sustainability in Mind

An outdoor heater is only as sustainable as the manufacturing process. That is why Bromic designs its heaters with sustainability in mind. It is not nearly enough to create a heater with powerful performance and beautiful design. These heaters need to last.

Cheaper and more traditional heating options may provide adequate heating for a while but their construction and use of moving parts means they require more maintenance and will break down more quickly. This creates a cycle where a lot of heaters are made and discarded in a short-time frame. Bromic reduces this wasteful and polluting practice by engineering heaters that use only the best materials, require little maintenance and that work in harsh conditions.

Interested in finding out more about sustainable building and outdoor design? Check out our podcast Embracing Sustainability with special guest Thomas Ventura of Gensler or download our free guide on sustainable design principles.

Bromic’s Sustainable Heaters

Bromic offers different sustainable heaters that enhance any outdoor area. You can use our free design service to find out how to best design your sustainable outdoor space.

Eclipse Smart-Heat™

Combine effective heating with atmospheric LED lighting with the Eclipse collection. Adjustable heating settings ensure you can enjoy comfortable heat with low energy input.

Platinum Smart-Heat™

Designed to withstand the elements and provide powerful heating, the Platinum collection offers the best of sleek design and energy efficient heating. Even in harsh maritime climates, the Platinum Marine will provide warmth in the long run.

Tungsten Smart-Heat™

Industrial design meets industrial strength sustainable heating. The Tungsten collection provides an energy efficient solution for large outdoor areas.