Electric Patio Heaters for Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture is often associated with historic city centres, rich neighbourhoods or lavish estates. Aristocracy and old money emanates from this style. Today this style is regaining popularity, especially for boutique hotels or restaurants. Despite being called traditional architecture, there are a myriad of ways to design such spaces, from celebrating the key architectural points to adding bright colours and interesting furniture.

Characteristics of Traditional Architecture

What exactly characterised traditional architecture can depend on the country and region you live in. Classical, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Rococo art styles could all be considered traditional architecture. The most important characteristic is that this architectural style is greatly influenced by the past. Some modern and industrial architecture take their inspiration from traditional styles, however, the elements are streamlined and minimised.

The main characteristics of traditional architecture are:

  • High ceilings
  • Ornate woodwork and crown mouldings
  • Historic details such as columns, lavish fireplaces, and wall panelling
  • Symmetry, harmonious ratios and flowing lines
  • The use of natural materials such as stone, wood and clay

Benefits of Electric Radiant Patio Heaters in Traditional Spaces

Electric radiant patio heaters can benefit traditional outdoor space as a lot of stone elements can at times feel cold. However, incorporating electric patio heaters in the design of a space, warmth can easily be transferred, making the area usable for longer and regardless of season. A similar heat as that the sun gives off can be felt when seated under Bromic’s patio heaters. Electromagnetic waves directly warm surrounding surfaces and people: that’s how our infrared heaters work.

Maintaining a Traditional Aesthetic With Electric Patio Heaters

It may seem contradictory to use electric patio heaters to help maintain the traditional aesthetic of an outdoor space because heaters seem like such a modern thing. However, traditional architecture does not dictate the overall design. Architects and designers are able to marry traditional architecture with many different styles to create beautiful and unique spaces. Bromic’s versatile range of heaters compliment both traditional and eclectic design styles.

Our Collection of Versatile Electric Patio Heaters

Our electric patio heaters are as versatile as they are powerful. Each series has its own style and characteristics that enhance the atmosphere while efficiently meeting your heating needs.

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric heaters complement traditional architectural elements with its round shape and curved mounting poles. This heater is a real eye-catcher in both eclectic and more modern design aesthetics.

Platinum Smart-Heat™

The sleek lines of the Platinum Smart-Heat™ series create a nice contrast with the natural lines used in traditional architecture. These heaters can add a modern flare to your outdoor areas.

Tungsten Smart-Heat™

The honeycomb fascia, typical of the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ series works well with the natural elements associated with traditional architecture. The industrial feel of the Tungsten series also adds an interesting contrast.