Alternatives to Fire Pits

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It’s a romantic idea: a late autumn night, a small fire crackling in front of you and the smell of burning wood. But are fire pits all that they are cracked up to be? While they are associated with romance and a cosy ambiance, they have several considerable drawbacks. We’ll look into these limitations and provide an alternative: infrared outdoor heating.

Comparing Fire Pits and Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Comfort

Fire pits and infrared heating may seem a world apart when it comes to outdoor comfort. How can infrared heating compare to a fire pit, the epitome of outdoor cosiness? When you take a closer look at fire pits it becomes clear that the costs outway the benefits. This is where infrared heating steps in as a fitting alternative.

The Limitations of Traditional Fire Pits

Imagine the same romantic, autumn night as before. But now realise that the wind has been picking up. Smoke gets blown into your faces or the wind robs you of any of the heat the fire produces. Your romantic evening has been spoiled by chills and smoke in your lungs. These are two of the biggest limitations of traditional fire pits.

The smoke a fire pit produces is more than just a nuisance getting in your face and making your wardrobe and outdoor furniture smell like a barbeque. The ashes can be harmful to your lungs and also to the environment. Depending on the type of wood you’re burning, the emissions can be quite harmful.

Additionally, fire pits are susceptible to the elements. The slightest wind can take away the warmth, blow smoke everywhere, make the wood burn inefficiently causing more emissions, and cinders can be blown out of the pit creating an increased risk of fire. If the wood hasn’t completely dried out due to rain or humidity, burning it also creates more smoke and emissions.

The Advantages of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating has many advantages and none of the disadvantages associated with fire pits. Let’s look at the weather: the wind has no effect on the heat distribution of infrared heaters, meaning you will always experience a comfortable warmth even if the weather becomes unpredictable.

Infrared patio heaters also have little to no emissions, ensuring the air quality. This cleaner heat does not compromise the heater’s output. Infrared heaters use infrared magnetic waves that get absorbed by the skin and surfaces, not unlike the sun’s warmth.

If you want to recreate the warmth and light offered by fire pits, you can choose one of the heaters from the Eclipse collection. With integrated LED lighting, these heaters create an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Infrared Heating Solutions From Bromic

Bromic Eclipse Portable Outdoor Heater

Bromic’s infrared heating solutions provide a comfortable heat that makes up for the limitations of a fire pit. Our collections are designed with exceptional heating and design in mind. You will never have to compromise form for function.

Unsure which heater best fits your needs? Talk to a Bromic expert for advice on your outdoor area.