Platinum Electric Heaters Recessed Using the Low Clearance Recess Kit


Nikhil Barua, the project manager at Artivo Shades, recently undertook a new build project for a client who wanted to create an outdoor entertaining space that could be used throughout the year. Recognizing the need for outdoor heating while maintaining a minimalist and modern design aesthetic, Nikhil turned to Bromic’s Platinum Electric Collection. This collection stood out for its sleek, seamless appearance and the ability to be recessed directly within the ceiling. Nikhil attests, “Bromic is the only brand that makes good looking recessed heaters. The Platinum Electric heaters are so clean and modern looking that people don’t even recognize them as heaters.”

Bromic’s Platinum Electric Low Clearance Recess Kit

Since the project was already partially constructed, including the outdoor pergola, Nikhil collaborated with Bromic’s team of Heat Experts through their complimentary Design Service. They recommended the new Low Clearance Recess Kit, which offers lower clearance requirements for easier installation. Nikhil shares, “I proposed the Bromic heaters to my client, and he quickly fell in love with their design. When I mentioned the option of recessing these heaters, he was blown away by the idea.”

Installation of Bromic’s Platinum Electric Low Clearance Recess Kit

After completing the installation and witnessing the seamless installation process, Nikhil was able to return to his previous clients who had not been able to consider the standard recess kit. He praises the Low Clearance Recess Kit, stating, “This recess kit is designed to fit any standard house framing in North America. It comes with all the necessary certifications and built-in fans to keep the heaters cool in tight spaces. It’s a unique product by Bromic that works exceptionally well.”

For more detailed information on the Low Clearance Recess Kit, please visit our recent blog or for installation instructions, visit our step-by-step guide.