Bromic Platinum Electric Patio Heater Wall Mounted

Platinum Electric Heaters in Pangbourne


Built in the 1920’s, this private residence in Pangbourne sits on a two-acre plot of land approximately an hour outside of London, UK. After re-landscaping the original outdoor space with grass, covering what was previously a tennis court, homeowner James Peters decided to build an outdoor space for entertaining guests. “While in the early stages of building my outdoor entertainment area, I saw an article in The Times newspaper and was impressed by the look of Bromic outdoor heaters. I decided to research the company and use the design service to get more information on which outdoor heaters, and how many, were right for my new entertaining space.” Thus, began the process of creating a design plan and specifying the perfect heating solution.

Taking into consideration the typical Southern England climate and the new structure where the heaters were to be installed, a barn conversion where they would be fully protected from the elements, twelve Platinum 3400W Electric heaters were recommended as the most effective heating solution for this outdoor living area. In addition, a Wireless Dimmer Controller as well as a Master Remote were recommended to allow for dimmability of heat output and zoned coverage within the space for complete comfort control.

“We used to have open element style heaters before which look ugly, tend to rust, and get covered in cobwebs,” says Peters. “We wanted to be able to utilize the space year-round and use the heaters when the weather gets cooler.” The recommended black Bromic Platinum heaters were the perfect heating solution for this project, bringing dimension to the building, while giving the proper heat coverage to keep the space warm for the typical Southern England climate.

“We use the entertainment area quite often as it adds an extra feature to the Property and helps tie together the entire yard from the structure to the swimming pool area.” The response from guests has been tremendous. “Our guests have been wowed by the entertainment space and impressed with the heaters. They are not obvious as the black glass helps to disguise them within the space!”