Eclipse Portable Dining Area

Hotel Skansen Elevates Outdoor Dining with Bromic’s Smart-Heat™ Portable Heaters


Located in Båstad, Sweden, formerly a small fishing village, is Hotel Skansen Båstad, a world-renowned resort known as a getaway destination with a warm atmosphere and vast ocean views. Complete with over 172 hotel rooms, multiple conference centers, a large spa facility with separate cold bathhouse and relatively new rooftop banquet hall, gallery and event space, there’s always something new to experience, year-round. Host of the Nordea Open, a professional tennis tournament played as a part of the ATP Tour, the Central Court of Hotel Skansen Båstad attracts a host of visitors during the summer months, and those looking for a haven of recovery during the winter.

To enhance the experience for visitors and allow for the enjoyment of the outdoor spaces during the colder months, the Hotel sought out an outdoor heating solution for their new restaurant and lounge, SAND, that wouldn’t compromise the luxurious ambiance and clientele. To accomplish this, they reached out to Bromic’s Heating Experts for a thoughtful and efficient heat layout across their outdoor areas.

After evaluation of the spaces’ plans and images, Josh Maingard, General Manager of Heating at Bromic recommended the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable outdoor heaters as the most efficient solution. “We suggested the Eclipse Portable heaters as even distribution of heat was most important to Skansen. The Eclipse heater head is ‘hung’ by a mounting arm, allowing it to sit in the middle of the table, creating equal comfort for guests no matter where around the table they are seated,” says Maingard. “The light then also creates a nice ambiance, adjustable to time of day and mood setting.”

Consequently, 2 of the Eclipse Portable outdoor heaters were specified for their freestanding nature, ability to be moved to spaces being used, and dual functioning heat and light, providing patrons with ultimate comfort and ambiance.

Skansen Hotel Layout

“Outside the entrance to SAND, we have chosen to install heaters from Bromic,” remarks Siggo Plato, Assistant Restaurant Manager at Hotel Skansen Båstad. He further adds, “We use them with wireless controls, which work very well. [Additionally], they are quick to warm up, are easy to use, and can be moved around, so they have been very helpful for us.”

“This summer, these heaters have helped us a lot,” says Emmi Pålsson, Service Manager at Hotel Skansen. She continues, “since I usually work in the restaurant for breakfast service, we’ve been able to use them from 7 o’clock in the morning, and it’s fantastic to extend the day both early in the morning and late at night.”

Skansen Hotel Heat Plan

Siggo continues, “They don’t have the red light that comes with other heaters. [Instead], they have different built-in lighting that you can adjust the brightness of [for the perfect ambiance]. You can also control the percentage of heat, so guests are very satisfied, as we are, the staff.”

With the built-in Eclipse Dimmer Controller, setting the mood and comfort level, creating a unique experience for every guest, is as easy as the click of a button. The staff is able to choose from three built-in heat and light presets, ultimately providing just the right amount of heat and ambiance for every guest’s specific needs.

Siggo concludes, “I think Bromic heaters is a great option. They are stylish, attractive, easy to use, and fit well in various settings, including industrial environments and more, so we are very satisfied with them.”